Founding History and Purpose

In addition to conducting domestic and international cosmetic trade, industry leaders deeply recognized the need and urgency of forming an industry-specific association. Through alliance and affiliation, members are given the opportunity to communicate and exchange opinions, and raise their opinions and concerns in a joint force to government authorities, consumers and other organizations in order to strive for rights and entitlements the industry deserve.

In June 1993, Mr Lin Mao-Qing of Viviane Cosmetics, Mr Lin Mao-Liang of Coya, Mr Chen Liang-Zhi of Mentholatum, Mr Lee Shi-Ping of Taiwan Me-pharm, Mr Sun Wen-Chong of Totalife, Mr Chien Xi-Shi of Puyin initiated the original setup. Through numerous meetings with the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Department of Social Welfare of Taipei City, and the Department of Health of Taipei City, they expressed the hope and eagerness of forming an industrial alliance by establishing an association.

As a result, the Association was officially founded on November 11th 1993. At that time, 33 industry participants joined as members. Mr Lin Mao-Qing was elected as the first president and accomplished numerous achievements in his term. In November 1996, after the completion of the first term, Mr Lee Guo-Xiang, Chairman of Shiseido Taiwan, was elected the second president and served the full term until November 1999. Mr Wang Dao-Ping, General Manager of Yili, was elected the third president and served from November 1999 to October 2002. Mr Chan Jian-Xun, Chairman of Menard Cosmetics, was elected the fourth president and served until October 2005. Mr Lee Guo-Xing, Chairman of Huazi Cosmetics, sole distributor of Shiseido Cosmetics, was elected as the fifth president with huge popular vote and served the full term until October 2008. All past presidents spared no effort in all their endeavors and promoted the mission and affairs of the Association during their terms. Their efforts resulted in a boost in the number of members. With 122 members and 255 participating representatives, the Association is currently the largest trade association in the Taiwanese cosmetic industry.

Thanks to all the support given by our members, Mr Chang Mei-Xing, General Manager of U Care has been elected as the current president. During the next three years, the president aims to honor the founding purpose of the Association and to serve earnestly and wholeheartedly. With all the hope and trust bestowed upon him, he will strive forward for the mutual welfare of the Taipei cosmetic industry.

The establishment of an association is like the formation of a family within the industry, it requires love, care, commitment, and dedication in order to mature and flourish. In order to accomplish our objectives and achieve our founding purpose, member opinion and involvement is greatly appreciated. As we join together hand in hand, the cosmetic industry will prosper and flourish with continuous growth. By creating a “beautiful” society together, we will also become a crucial force to connect our country to the global networks.