Our Services

  • Assist the government in the implementation of policies and regulations
    1. Enhance interactions between members and local authorities
    2. Assist in the organization of cosmetic-related lectures and seminars
    3. Conduct activities to promote laws and regulations
  • Create member database and website hyperlinks
  • Assist members in application changes, redemption and other services
    1. Draw up Certificate of Free Sale
  • Preserve member rights and entitlements
  • Conduct skills training and business seminars
    1. Create website Q&A section
    2. Conduct seminars for emergency crisis management
  • Fulfill tasks and duties commissioned by various authorities and organizations
  • Survey, analyze and research on the development of domestic business
  • Mediate disputes within the industry
  • Manage issues that are required to be dealt with under various regulations
  • Advertisement exhibition and illustration of member products
  • Liaise, propose and promote international trade
  • Participate and stimulate social welfare activities